I grew up in a house that was built in the early 60s and spent a lot of time in the bathroom. I was potty trained in a room that was 100% American Standard Ming Green.

The sinks, the toilet paper holder, the tub, and the tile covering all the walls were all that same green color. There were some contrasting darker forest green tiles capping off the green tile wall.

Though these weren't choices that our family made, it was the way my parents bought the home and we never changed it. There was even a gas heater that matched and was flush-mounted into the wall.

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I found this house as I was looking online and actually got jealous of the bathrooms. One of them is completely tiled in blue, while the other is in tan.

I really wish our bathroom had been one of these two colors, instead of green. These bathrooms don't even look that dated because someone picked great colors when the house was built in 1959.

The trend of colored bathroom fixtures started in the 30s and continued well into the 60s. I really think this house was built at the perfect peak of this trend.

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Though the previous owners updated most of the house with new vinyl floors and some nice neutral gray and white paint, some of the details of the original home remain intact.

I'll bet that oven in the kitchen will still perfectly cook anything you put in it. Check out what $225,000 gets you close to Lufkin.

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